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Climate Injustice News, Views and Resources - Differential Impacts of Climate Change

The effects of climate change are and will be experienced unevenly around the globe. Unfortunately, those that have contributed the least to the problem will be affected the most. Return here soon to find more news, views, resources and information about the unequal distribution of the effects of climate change.

Here are a few items that you should find of interest:

Climate Justice - enforcing climate change law Climate Justice Programme.

The Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative - A growing concern from developing countries and various NGOs is the need for public participation and the effect on populations and poor countries that global warming negotiations have, given that the effects on poor people and poorer countries are much more. In some cases, climate changes have already affected some small island nations.

Climate Justice and Equity (EJCC) is a diverse coalition of U.S. environmental justice, religious, climate justice, policy and advocacy networks working for climate justice.

Urban Habitat: Climate Justice.

California's water wars have entered a new phase, with an ambitious plan called CalFed. The proposal to raise Shasta Dam by between 6 and 200 feet has significant impacts on the native people in the area; however their voices have been left out of the debate. After lagging for a decade, Congress has appropriated $395 million to study the feasibility of raising the dam and enlarging the reservoir. "Raising Shasta Dam even six feet will flood most of our remaining sacred sites along the McCloud River," says Caleen Sisk-Franco, spiritual leader and tribal chief of the Winnemem Wintu, whose cultural identity as winnemem or "middle river people" derives from their ancestral homeland along the river. "We feel like Catholics would feel if it was decided that flooding the Sistine Chapel was a good public works project."

Panther Springs Dries Up - Caleen Sisk-Franco, Spiritual Leader and Tribal Chief of the Winnemem Wintu, discovered last week that the healing spring on Mt. Shasta that is the birthplace of both the Winnemem people and their ancestral river had dried up. Everyone asked why - Global warming? Cremation ashes that have been dumped in the spring by New Age visitors? Forest Service management practices? Water bottling plants sucking water out of the base of the mountain? Please watch our new four-minute film clip

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